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1.1 Developing interest and increasing the number of children and youth interested for football.

1.2 Increasing football knowledge and experience.

1.3 Increasing the international experience of children and youth and creating the space for sharing and learning about different countries, language etc.



2.1. Tournament organizer COLONIA CUP is company Kolonija 11421 DOO, registered as

association for  entertainment and recreational activities.

2.2. Tournament organizer is responsible for decision about organizational committee.

2.3. Direct representatives of COLONIA CUP are Dusan Milojevic and Milan Pavlovic.

2.4. Tournament organizer is obligated to:

2.4.1. Tournament detail rulebook

2.4.2. Secure the regularity regarding the draw for the tournament

2.4.3. Secure the referee team

2.4.4. Confirm the results of matches

2.4.5.  Secure participant`s accommodation, meals and transportation from hotel

to the football stadium.

2.4.6. Secure water for refreshment during the football match for all stakeholders.

2.4.7. Secure medical support and ambulance during the football matches.

2.4.8 Organize opening and closing ceremony.



3.1 Football matches will be played at Sport Palace football field – National sport base, Zlatni  Pjasci – Bulgaria as well as sport complex Aqualife in Kranevo (2010 generation).

3.2 Sports teams will be accommodated in Aqualife Hotel and Vega Hotel in Kranevo as well as Sport Palace Hotel in Golden Sands – according to the expressed interest.

3.3 Football matches schedule:

* I group:  Jun 10 – 15 (participants arrival:  Jun 10 – departure Jun 15, 2018)

* II group: Jun 15 – 20 (participants arrival:  Jun 10 – departure Jun 15, 2018)



4.1 Tournament will be organize for 8 age categories:

* boys born in 2010 and younger      * boys born in 2009 and younger

* boys born in 2008 and younger      * boys born in 2007 and younger     

* boys born in 2006 and younger      * boys born in 2005 and younger  

* boys born in 2004 and younger      * boys born in 2003 and younger     

4.2 Girls might participate for one calendar year younger category.

4.3 Deadline for publishing the final list of participating football teams and groups is March  25th, 2018.

4.4 Football players, coaches and other club representatives are obligated to respect all tournament rules, to respect tournament organizers, referees, other players and football supporters.

4.5 Football clubs representatives/coaches are obligated to submit final list of players prior the beginning of each football match.




5.1 Football matches will be play according to the rules approved by FIFA.

5.2 Football matches will be played following the classic point system: victory – 3 points, unresolved – 1 point and defeat 0 point.

5.3 In the case of unresolved results during the elimination matches phase, penalty kicks will be realized (3 or 5 ).

5.4 During the match, players will be disciplinary sanctioned with yellow and red carts. Carts will be add up during the competition within the groups.

5.4.1 Player with two yellow cards (at separate matches), will not be allowed to play at the following match

5.4.2 Yellow cards will be annulled prior to semifinal matches.

5.4.3 Player with red card will not be allowed to play at the following match, except in the cases of serious offense roughness and violent behavior.

5.4.4 Decision about period of suspension for the player with red card will be determined by disciplinary committee consists of: tournament director, major referee and press director (sport journalist).

5.4.5. In the case that team member play for inadequate category (older player), the whole football team will be excluded from the tournament and all results achieved at the previous matches will be annulled. In the case of player intention to play the match for younger category, without realization of intention, football team will lose match with the official result 0:3.



6.1. Organizer is not responsible for potential health issues of players during the tournament.

6.2 Each player is obligated to have medical certificate that confirms their ability to play matches.

6.3 In the case that player does not have medical certificate, might be allowed to play if coach or trainer sign the written disclaimer in which case they will responsible for the player.



7.1 Organizer is responsible to provide trophies for three the best placed teams in each category, as well as medals for all players in the best placed teams.

7.2 Organizer is responsible to provide statues, trophies, plaques for the best goal keeper, the best player, the best shooter, in each age category.