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Colonia Cup - Children's football tournament / Početna  / 03. Goden Sands, Bulgaria

03. Goden Sands, Bulgaria

Sportpalace – Golden Sands

9007 Varna, Sunny “Golden Sands “

National Sports Base “Sport Palace” is located in the resort Golden Sands Varna between Kabakum and complex “Riviera”. Of the territory reveals a panorama of the Black Sea.

Address: c. 9007 Varna, Sunny “Golden Sands”
Contact :  052/767 103; 0889/002671
E-mail :  ivo.artimenkovat; officeat
Zam.rakovoditel unit-sports facilities: Petar Petrov 0889 601 956
Governor Hotel: Violeta Trosheva   0883 502 160
Manager: Ivo Artimenkov  0886/402104

The complex is located on 63,000 square meters area. The modernization of the complex is carried out according to the requirements for accessible environment provided vertical and horizontal links for disadvantaged people, special ramps and elevators